Becoming a massage therapist is a great way to help people in a meaningful manner and can be a very personally and professionally rewarding career. The BLS reports that the median annual wage for massage therapists was $39,860 in 2016.

The best-paid 10 percent in the profession made $74,870 while the lowest-paid 10 percent made $19,720. Besides pursuing a lucrative career path, there are many reasons why people decide to become massage therapists.

Growing Job Opportunities

Massage therapy has become more and more important as an offering in health and wellness and the American Massage Therapy Association estimates that there are between 300,000 and 350,000 massage therapists in the United States and that number continues to grow.


There is not just one single kind of massage therapy. There are a number of choices that therapists can make when they are pursuing their training, including deciding on which type of holistic therapy they would like to focus on.


Working as a massage therapist offers a lot of flexibility in terms of work hours, autonomy and types of spaces where people can practice. Some people work at spas or in clinics while others own their own private practice.

Some travel to patient’s homes for treatment while others work out of an office. Depending on your work arrangement, you can often enjoy more flexible scheduling than other types of jobs. Solo practitioners account for the largest amount, 67 percent, of practicing therapists.

Valuable Training

In order to become a massage therapist, you have to complete a training program that qualifies you to practice in the location you choose. This program is a valuable asset because you will be certified as a massage therapist, a skill that you will have your whole life.

Rewarding Work

Working as a massage therapist means using your hands, talent and interpersonal skills to help improve people’s lives. Your patients get to benefit from your direct impact on their health and wellness and you can feel great about going to work each day because you get to make people feel good. You can also help others overcome injuries and take care of painful or uncomfortable symptoms, reduce stress and improve their overall wellbeing.

Quick Start to a Career

Unlike some professions which require extensive classroom time and training, you can establish a new career in massage therapy in just two years. If you’re working in a job or career that doesn’t feel right for you or are just starting out in your professional life, it’s a great way to get your new life course on track quickly.

Staying Healthy

Massage therapy is a career focused on health to it makes sense that it would help keep you healthy too! Instead of having to sit at a desk all day, massage engages your whole body and keeps you active while you’re working. It’s easy to stay in great shape and helping others with their health contributes to your own overall wellbeing. It’s a great career for someone who is interested in fitness and health.

If you want to embark upon a happy, lucrative and fruitful career path, earning a degree in massage therapy might be the right direction for you!

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