About aIAM

Our story

The American Institute of Alternative Medicine (aIAM) is a private higher education institution. When we first opened our doors in 1990, we had a single-minded goal: to create more healers in the world. At the same time, our focus was massage therapy, a practice that naturally improves people’s health and well-being.

While the range of our programs has expanded and evolved, our goal has never wavered. And the philosophy of providing care through holistic practices continues to inform everything we do from massage therapy and acupuncture programs to nursing RN and PN programs.

Education First

aIAM students receive a thorough education characterized by rigorous coursework; exposure to a range of approaches and techniques; and dedicated support of our faculty and staff who are determined to help every student thrive. When they graduate, students have a world of opportunity open to them with careers in medical facilities, wellness centers, private practice, and more. Some of our graduates even return to aIAM as faculty, paying it forward by sharing their training and professional experience with new learners.

The Art of Teaching. The Science of Healing.

To date, there are over 3,000 aIAM alumni practicing across the U.S., South America, the Virgin Islands, Europe, Africa, and Asia. We imagine each one as a seed that started at our humble institution and brought the gifts of kindness, caring, and good health to people worldwide.

Our mission, our vision, our values

aIAM’s mission is to empower by promoting a holistic approach to wellness. aIAM models an integrative approach to develop and inspire compassionate professionals, nurture vibrant lives, and foster a healthy community.

Our vision is to play an essential role in transforming healthcare.

We live our values every day.


Caring and kindness are the hallmarks of our organization. In all circumstances, we treat each other, our students, and community members in this manner.


We are enriched by each other’s different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.


We provide comprehensive training and hold our students and faculty to the highest standards so we can provide our communities with the best, most well-rounded care.


Our dedication to our work doesn’t stop at the end of the day. It starts before enrollment and continues after graduation.


At its heart, aIAM is a supportive community, always eager to facilitate the success and well-being of our students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members.

Holistic Focus

Whether academically, organizationally, or interpersonally, we work to understand and better facilitate the relationships between the parts and the whole.

aIAM Leadership

Diane Sater-Wee, BS, LMT

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Diane leads aIAM’s strategic direction and compliance with legal and accrediting standards. She has served on the National and State of Ohio Boards of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA); the Executive Committee for the National Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine; the founding board of the Ohio Council of Massage Therapy Schools; and on various committees for the State Medical Board of Ohio and the Asian Bodywork Therapy Association.

Diane received her undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University College of Engineering and her massage diploma from the Central Ohio School of Massage.

Helen Yee, B.A. LMT

Co-Founder and Board Member

Though retired from her role as Chief Financial Officer for aIAM, Helen continues to provide leadership and professional guidance through her participation on the aIAM Board of Directors. She also serves on the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (ACAHM) site visit team for the evaluation of acupuncture schools across the country. Helen served on the Stonewall Columbus Board of Trustees and is on the Board of Directors for State of the Arts Productions. She previously served as President of the Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists.

Faculty & Staff

Diane Sater-Wee, Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Information Security Officer Email
Ralynn Ernest, COO/Campus President Email
Elaine Hiatt, Academic Dean Email
Melissa Fischer, Assistant Director of Education/Student Services Email
Dr. Pam Frost, NP Executive Administrative Assistant Email
Debbie Brewer, Director of Financial Aid Email
Janet Adams, Nursing Faculty Email
Jan Brown, Support Staff Email
James Brooks, Registrar Email
Jeni Bynes, IT Consultant Email
Heather Snediker-Morschek, Office Manager Email
Kathy Weber, Master Admissions Enrollment Coach Email
Greg Reed, Master Admissions Enrollment Coach Email
Angela Falasca, Campus Support Specialist Email
Nadine Hayes, Receptionist Email
Flo Sater-Wee, Supply Clerk Email
Stephanie Burgess, Receptionist Email
Hong Chen, Acupuncture Chair Email
Kyung Chai, Acupuncture Faculty Email
Dan Zheng, Acupuncture Faculty Email
Sulin Jiao, Acupuncturist for Clinical Observation Email
Eva Goubeaux, General Education Faculty Email
Sherri DeRhodes, General Education Faculty Email
Janki Bodalia, General Education Faculty Email
Geoffrey Gould, General Education Faculty Email
Jayne Culloo, Massage Program Coordinator Email
Lee Gilbert, Clinic Manager, Massage Faculty Email
Miguel Alvarez, Massage Faculty Email
Michelle Carter, Massage Faculty Email
Laurie Cole, Massage Faculty Email
Ann Uselman, Nursing Faculty Email
Sara Moats, Nursing Faculty Email
Aaron Knaack, Massage Faculty Email
Kathleen Mierzejewski, Nursing Faculty Email
Anne Malone, Nursing Faculty Email
Beth Griebel, Nursing Faculty Email
Rhonda Day, Nursing Faculty Email
Adeline Baker, Nursing Faculty Email
Robert Adams, Nursing Faculty Email
Sandy Neds, Massage Faculty Email
Julie Clinger, Massage Faculty Email
Andre Lloyd, Financial Aid Officer Email
Ola Ali, Massage/Nursing Faculty Email
Carolyn Justus, Enrollment Coach Email
Jennifer Norfolk, Massage Faculty Email
Marie Ahrns, Administrative Assistant Email
Karen Brandel, Receptionist Email
Kristine Adkinson, Nursing Instructor Email
Shani Pitts, Nursing Faculty Email
Renee Parrill, Gen Ed Faculty Email
Catherine Ho, Acupuncture Instructor Email
Michelle Little, Nursing Instructor Email
Erica Orwig, Lab Coordinator Email
J.J. (Jenny) Nickell, Executive Administrative Assistant Email
Anthony Capretta, Gen Ed Faculty Email
Nicole Wayton, Nursing Instructor Email
Stacey Tyler, Nursing Faculty Email
Lauren Carpenter, Financial Aid Officer Email
Annette Witherspoon, Proctor Email
Maya Tuch, Receptionist Email
Shani Simmers, Nursing Faculty Email
Valerie Hessler, Nursing Faculty Email
Chase Manes, Nursing Faculty Email
Mor Tandiang, Nursing Faculty Email
Katelyn Benitez, Admissions Administrative Assistant Email
Fran Hutchison, Interim Director of Nursing Email
Jodie Foster, Nursing Faculty Email
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Work at aIAM

Those who join aIAM discover very quickly that we are a family. Our culture is vibrant, inclusive, and dedicated to our work. We also offer essential employee benefits.
– Paid holidays for full-time employees
– Paid vacation time for full-time employees
– Paid sick time for full-time employees
– All employees receive 50% off of professional clinic services

If there are no current job listings but you believe your skills are a good match for aIAM, reach out and let us know.

American Institute of Alternative Medicine is an equal-opportunity employer. We do not discriminate against anyone because of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, familial status, age, or disability.

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