Massage has been used since the beginning of time to connect, comfort, relieve and assist. It is a rewarding career path that offers people an opportunity to help people to experience high levels of rejuvenation and relaxation. Visually impaired people who want to pursue a career in massage therapy should know that their lack of sight may actually be a competitive advantage when it comes to skill. In fact, in many Asian countries, it is understood that if you are born blind, massage therapy is a natural career path.

Losing one of the senses – in this case, sight – often amplifies the other senses. In the absence of visual cues, blind massage therapists are more in tune with the client’s bodily responses to the massage. They have stronger senses of touch and are often able to find trigger points, knots and other areas of tension that clients did not even know about. Blind massage therapists rely entirely on their sense of touch and intuition, which are the most important qualities in any massage therapists – blind or not.

American Institute of Alternative Medicine’s Massage Therapy Programs

Although helping patients be the best versions of themselves is a rewarding prospect, there has to be something in it for you as well. Luckily, a career in massage therapy can be very rewarding, enjoyable and lucrative. Here are just a few benefits you can keep in mind:

Flexible scheduling. One of the best things about pursuing a career in massage therapy is the opportunity to create your own schedule. You can have your own business, choose to work with someone else, or do a combination of both. It is entirely up to you.

Opportunity to travel. As a massage therapist, you can work in a variety of different states and health settings. Spas, resorts, cruise ships and other settings are just some of the exciting places a career in massage therapy can take you.

Improved atmosphere. Working in a hospital or clinical setting with a traditional medical job is very different from working in a massage clinic setting. You can be your own boss and not have to deal with as much bureaucracy, and working in a massage clinic is generally more pleasant and less rigid than a traditional clinical setting.

Be your own boss. You have a world of opportunity as a massage therapist – most notably, being your own boss. You have the opportunity to start your own practice and choose your own path in this career.

An expedited career path. Becoming a traditional medical doctor can take many years – four in medical school and then between three and seven years in residency. Becoming a massage therapist takes just 12 months, meaning you can get to work doing what you love sooner.

The American Institute of Alternative Medicine (AIAM) has been offering training and holistic skills for 20 years – making the program one of the longest-running massage programs in the Midwest. You can also expect to learn key business skills and professionalism through the program, which sets you up for a rewarding, long-lasting career as a licensed massage therapist.

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