Jennifer Lewis is a 2013 Western Massage Therapy graduate currently working at Massage Envy. Jennifer is one of the main therapists at Massage Envy Worthington and was one of 3 to open the location. She took and passed the MBLEX exam to become certified in January, 2014.

She loves working with Massage Envy, it’s a perfect way for Jennifer to continue expanding her skill-set and gain certifications in the vast field of Massage Therapy! Jennifer has received her certification in hot stone therapy, prenatal therapy, and plans to return to AIAM for her certification in Neuromusuclar therapy.

Jennifer began her education journey at Columbus State where she received a certificate in photography, but didn’t feel like she was getting the education she wanted. She felt as though she was taking classes she didn’t really need, or that didn’t really interest her. She began considering other options and spoke with her friend, Autumn, who had attended AIAM.

“I always wanted to help people in some way, to make them feel better, but wasn’t sure what direction I could take to accomplish that. I really wanted to find a meaningful career

Jennifer, with little knowledge of massage therapy, decided to take a risk and dive in. She enrolled at AIAM and soon found she had made the right choice.

“AIAM is so personal. We have small class sizes so you get really close with your class mates and instructors. I formed very close relationships, and am still close with everyone.”

During her interview on campus Jennifer was spotted by Susan Kaculis, a Massage Therapy clinical instructor, and was greeted with a big hug and kind words.

“This is what I mean, everyone I have met in the massage community at AIAM, and in my work, are been so nice and friendly!”

During her time at AIAM Jennifer became very interested in anatomy, and found herself excelling in her anatomy coursework.

“AIAM got me really interested in anatomy. It’s crazy what we learn here. I was nervous about just jumping in to the field, but it became very natural to me very quickly. Employers see your education is from AIAM and know how much more knowledge you have. Actually, another therapist who attended a [different school] recently saw one of my old anatomy notebooks and was shocked at the things we were taught, that her school didn’t cover.”

Jennifer advises anyone interested in massage to book a professional massage to see the environment, and meet a therapist. This way, you can see the work environment and decide if it is a good fit for your personality.

“Massage is more difficult that a lot of people think. It takes a lot of skill professionally and personally. You have to have a passion to help other people. Touch has a very strong impact, and you have to stay passionate about helping your clients.”

When asked if she has had any “regulars,” or clients who request her services specifically, Jennifer lights up.

“There are some people who have started to choose to book with only me, its an awesome feeling to know I have helped them, and they want me to continue helping. I tell my clients to come in, relax, and tell them we will work through their pain together, we’ll find those knots!”

Jennifer enjoys working for a larger massage therapy business, but one day sees herself renting a room to expand and practice other skills- like energy and oncology work.

“I love helping people, and I loved it at AIAM; I love the friendly and passionate people I have met in this field!”

Come back to visit us soon, Jennifer!

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