The healing power of physical touch has long been acknowledged. Alternative medicine is becoming increasingly popular as more people seek healthcare options that align with their personal beliefs and values.

But sometimes, these alternatives can become a burden to someone’s financial life. That’s why it is best to make smart investments regarding your health. So if you are wondering, “How much does a massage cost?” or “Is a massage worth the money?” keep reading to find the answers to those questions and more.

What Is Massage Therapy and What Does It Treat?

Massage therapy is a holistic practice used to address a wide range of physical and mental health conditions. Massage therapy includes manually manipulating the body’s soft tissues, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue. The therapist uses their hands to apply pressure, knead, and rub the tissues to release tension, increase blood flow, and promote relaxation.

Massage therapy can be especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis. Moreover, it can improve the range of motion and flexibility and reduce inflammation and swelling.

Medical massage therapy treats headaches, migraines, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Additionally, it helps improve the symptoms of different conditions such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Massage therapy can also be used as a complementary therapy for cancer patients to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, such as pain and fatigue.

Several other advantages of medical massage are listed below:

  • Helps with digestion
  • Relaxes the nervous system
  • Enhances posture
  • Helps in blocking future chronic pain conditions
  • Improves flexibility
  • Helps relax sore and tense muscles

How Much Does a Massage Cost?


Despite the numerous physical and mental health benefits, massage therapies can be heavy on the pocket for some people. The price ultimately depends on what you are looking for and what you are willing to pay.

Generally, massage therapy fees are set mainly by appointment length, ranging from 50 to 110 minutes per session. More specifically, if you want to enjoy a 50-minute student massage at our clinic, it will cost you 35$. And if you want to get a massage from a professional, it will cost you an extra $30.

See the list below for the actual prices:

  • Professional massage – 110 Minutes $108
  • Professional massage – 80 Minutes $86
  • Student massage – 50 Minutes $35
  • Professional massage – 50 Minutes $65

We also offer discounted services as part of our student intern program that will create a more accessible experience for our clients.

Does Insurance Cover Massage Therapy?

Due to its effectiveness in healing many types of injuries, many health insurance plans cover it. Coverage can make this therapy option affordable for the patient while offering improvement in recovering from injury or reducing pain from certain medical conditions.

Reimbursement can be facilitated depending on the reason for care and how the insurance company defines that care. If the treatment is medically necessary or it fits the coverage criteria provided by the insurance company, your plan will likely cover the session. Additionally, if the services check into the ‘habilitation treatment category,’ it may be considered an essential health benefit, and you will likely receive coverage.

Healthcare practitioners and providers must use billing codes to help insurance providers quickly and effectively authorize coverage. In the case of massage therapy, healthcare professionals usually use two codes:

  • 97124: Stroking, compression, percussion
  • 97140: Manipulation, traction, lymphatic drainage

However, if your insurance doesn’t cover your massage therapy, there are some other options to help you receive affordable services. Consider some of those below:

  • Use your health savings account to cover massage costs if your session qualifies as medically necessary
  • Learn more about flexible spending accounts
  • Ask for discounts before or after the massage services (you might get lucky)
  • Contact local massage schools because, more often than not, they offer massages at a discount

How Many Sessions of Massage Therapy Does It Take To See Results?


The number of sessions required for massage therapy to show results can vary depending on the individual and the condition. Most people generally experience some level of improvement after just one session. However, multiple sessions may be necessary for more chronic or severe conditions to see significant results. In such cases, it is best to be patient and make financial and mental commitments to the healing process.

Working with a qualified massage therapist to develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs is essential. The therapist will likely recommend a series of sessions, typically once or twice a week, to help achieve the desired outcome. The number of sessions required will depend on factors including:

  • The severity of your condition
  • Your response to the therapy
  • The overall goals of the treatment

In some cases, regular maintenance sessions are necessary to maintain the results achieved.

Is a Massage Worth the Money?


The simple answer is, yes! A massage is worth the money because it provides numerous physical and mental health benefits. Physically, a massage can help reduce muscle tension, improve flexibility and range of motion, and alleviate pain and discomfort. It can also improve circulation, boost the immune system, and promote relaxation and stress relief. Mentally, a massage can help reduce anxiety and depression, improve sleep, and enhance overall well-being.

Additionally, a good massage can improve overall body function and prevent various conditions. It also releases natural feel-good chemicals in the body that can lead to increased self-esteem and confidence. So, overall, massage therapies are a valuable investment in one’s physical and mental health and can definitely improve the quality of life.

Book an Appointment at AIAM!

Getting your first massage is always exciting! The benefits of a professional massage are undoubtedly worth every penny.

At the American Institute of Alternative Medicine (AIAM), you can find a variety of techniques delivered by licensed professionals that will help you achieve the best outcomes. Our therapeutic massage services include the following:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Asian Bodywork
  • Neuromuscular Therapy & Deep Tissue
  • Myofascial Release
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Prenatal & Maternity Massage
  • Reflexology

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