The links below are to assist AIAM prospective students, current students, and employees, and to meet disclosure and reporting requirements of the Higher Education Act of 1965, the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, and related federal regulations.

ACCSC Outcomes Report – 2018

ACCSC Outcomes Report – 2019

ACCSC Outcomes Report – 2020

CARES Act Student Emergency Grant

CARES Act Institutional Emergency Grant

Clery Annual Security Report on Campus Security Page – Includes Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Information and Programs and Title IX Prohibitions

College Score Card

Current Quarter Booklist

Disclosure for Occupational Licensure or Certification

Exit Counseling, Loan Information, Your Financial Aid History

Federal Rights and Privacy Act – AIAM

Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule

Financial Aid Information

Information on 529 College Savings Plan

Notice of Penalties for Drug Law Offenses for Recipients of Financial Aid

Sample Loan Repayment Schedule

Student Body Diversity

Student Check

Student Grievance/Complaint Procedure

Student Right to Know

Title IX Notice


Voter Registration

Withdrawal Policies – Institutional Refund Policies

Withdrawal Policies – Treatment of Title IV Aid When a Student Withdraws