Student Check

Student Credit Balance Check

Students who have incoming assistance/aid funds over the cost of institutional charges on their account will then receive a credit balance check for the (negative) balance they have on their account. Credit balance checks will be mailed to students within 14 days of the date funds are received. Students asking that funds over the cost of tuition and fees be applied to subsequent terms/payment periods must sign an authorization. These authorizations are available for signature during Orientation. Students may see the Controller or Financial Aid Office to obtain these forms. Notification that disbursements have been posted to student accounts are emailed to the student. The Front Desk will notify the student when a check is ready, and students have 5 business days in which to pick up the check before it will be mailed to the address on file.

Students wishing to return all or a portion of funds received are to read the notification and contact the Financial Aid Office within the timeframe specified on the notification. Students have 30 days from the disbursement date to cancel or decrease a disbursement.

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