Phlebotomy Instruction at AIAMThe Phlebotomy Program of the American Institute of Alternative Medicine is a 60-hour program taught across 2 months (7.5 weeks). A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the program.  This program is designed to provide graduates with the skills necessary to obtain entry-level employment in a variety of multidisciplinary clinical healthcare settings. Job titles include Phlebotomist and Phlebotomy Technician.

Phlebotomists primarily draw blood, which is then used for different kinds of medical laboratory testing. In medical and diagnostic laboratories, patient interaction is sometimes only with the phlebotomist. Because all blood samples look the same, phlebotomists must carefully identify and label the sample they have drawn and enter it into a database. Some phlebotomists draw blood for other purposes, such as at blood drives where people donate blood. In order to avoid causing infection or other complications, phlebotomists must keep their work area and instruments clean and sanitary.

Coursework includes anatomy and physiology specific to the profession, infection control, safety, phlebotomy laboratory skills, and a 20-hour externship. Externship experiences provide real-life experience under the direct supervision of a physician or other appropriate supervisor. Theory classes have a 40-student maximum, and lab sections have a 12-student maximum.

About the Phlebotomy 60-Hour Program Certificate

  • 60 total hours
  • Taught across 2 months
  • 7.5 weeks long

Phlebotomy program graduates do not require a state license or any additional certification to become employed in Ohio. Other states may have different requirements. However, AIAM Phlebotomy graduates are prepared to successfully meet the eligibility criteria to apply for the national certification process through the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) by successfully completing the Phlebotomy Technician national certification exam. Although national certification is not required for employment, having an NHA certification demonstrates proficiency and may give a competitive edge in obtaining a job or promotion.

The Rewards of a Career in Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy has always been a good pathway into the health care system. Hospitals and labs always need individuals with excellent phlebotomy skills. Patients will always need blood tests. It is one of the most commonly used modalities to screen and diagnose disease.

Here are the rewards you could discover:

  • Short Phlebotomy Training Programs:  Many medical fields require years of study – and crazy student loans. Our phlebotomy program can be completed in two months. Once students successfully complete their training program, they’ll be able to seek employment in this allied healthcare field.
  • It Opens Doors to the Medical Field: Many allied health professionals have used their phlebotomy tech experience as a springboard into other sectors. Much of this comes down to being exposed to potential career options like surgical technology and endoscopy technology. Going back to school for additional certifications (or even a college degree) isn’t uncommon.
  • Phlebotomists Do Important Work:  Blood transfusions save millions of lives per year, and without the precise work of trained phlebotomy technicians, patients’ lives would be put at risk. Health testing relies on accurate blood samples. Blood banks are a vital way for regular people to save lives while improving their local community. At colleges, churches, fairs, and libraries, phlebotomists are recognized, important members of the community – and for great reason!
  • Gain Experience Working with Other Allied Health Professionals:  Some allied healthcare careers don’t offer a lot of interpersonal interaction, even with patients. It’s especially important that phlebotomists develop strong interpersonal skills since they’re required to work with adults, teens, and even children throughout the blood-drawing process. People of all ages are afraid of needles, and their reaction to them varies, from general squeamishness to stronger anxiety-related reactions. In your phlebotomy training, you’ll discover the best ways to provide excellent patient care while working in a fast-paced environment.

Phlebotomy Salary and Job Growth

Allied healthcare is one of the fastest-growing job markets in the US, and phlebotomy growth rates are some of the best around. Between 2018 and 2028, experts predict a 23% increase in available positions. What’s more, future phlebotomists will be thrilled to learn that these are quick certifications that pay well. In 2018, the average phlebotomy tech salary was more than $34,000, with the top 10% in this field earning around $49,000.

Phlebotomy Program Admissions Requirements

  • Personal tour and interview with an admissions representative
  • Submit proof of earned HS diploma or GED recognized by the Department of Education, or foreign equivalent that has been officially evaluated
  • Complete application form
  • Complete Physical Health Exam Form
  • Meet with Financial Aid office to discuss payment options
  • Complete enrollment agreement and accompanying paperwork


Tuition                                                                               $700.00

Enrollment Fee*                                                                   $0.00 (Included)

Ohio Video Disclosure Course                                           $0.00 (Included)

Student Identification Card                                                $0.00 (Included)

Uniform (2 patches)                                                             $0.00 (Included)

Textbook                                                                                $0.00 (Included)

Lab Fee                                                                                   $0.00 (Included)

NHA Exam Review                                                                $0.00 (Included)

Total Tuition and Required Fees                              $600.00

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