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In this one day class, you will learn to use suction to lift the skin and underlying fascia to free up adhesions within the tissues and increase local circulation enabling the body to recover and heal faster. Cupping can be used to treat plantar fasciitis; back, hip and IT band pain; pain in shoulders, upper back and neck; carpal tunnel syndrome; fibromyalgia; and for respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and chest congestion related to the common cold. The next class will be announced. Cost is $135 with a set of cups or $105 without cups. You may participate whether you purchase cups, bring your own or choose not to bring any cups.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not “fire cupping”. The cups provided are: AcuZone Premium Cupping set which includes 19 cups, 1 pistol style hand pump, 1 extension tube, carrying case and a data sheet with instructions on how to use the equipment.

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Learn one of the fastest growing holistic therapies in the U.S. – an estimated 1.5 million people visit a Reflexologist each year! This powerful skill has been practiced for thousands of years to enhance health and wellness. An excellent therapy to use for yourself and family, as well as add to your income, this two-weekend course teaches a full foot and hand reflexology session, as well as covering basic office procedures. Cost is $320 (32 CEs – passing exam required). This is a four-day course and you must attend all four days.

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