Not only do AIAM students acquire a degree or certification that launches their careers, but they also form friendships and make connections that carry them forward. Our alumni form a global network of caring health professionals who are often willing and interested in providing support to our new graduates.

Alumni Association

We invite all AIAM graduates to join the Alumni Association. It’s a great way to stay or get in touch with former classmates, offer guidance to the program and mentor current students, help shape post-graduation services and more.

Career Services

Our job at AIAM is to be sure you are confident in your ability to seek and secure employment after graduation. Throughout the course of your chosen program, you will learn how to create a resume, interview, dress to impress, and even how to start your own business!

Our Assistant Director of Education/Student Services supports students and alumni via:

  • Electronic job listings of current job openings (see below)
  • On-Campus Career Fairs
  • Resume assistance and reviews
  • Mock interview sessions with Career Services staff and area recruiters
  • Inspirational alumni profiles
  • Licensure review sessions for MBLEX and NCLEX
  • Ohio Board of Nursing and State Medical Board application review

Need help with any of the above? Need job search, resume, or interview practice help? Contact Career Services

Employers, submit job postings to Career Services
Please notify us when you want your ad removed. Thank you for your interest in our students and alumni!


Alumni Spotlight

Dr. David Dagg-Murry PhD, LAc, LPCC-S, LICDC-CS

The American Institute of Alternative Medicine gave me an outstanding academic and clinical experience. I graduated in the first Master of Acupuncture cohort in 2019. My AIAM experience required extensive personal and professional growth. The faculty were exceptionally supportive during each step of my learning, whether it was western biomedicine courses, Traditional Chinese Medicine courses, or clinical work.

One of the richest experiences was studying abroad in China, interning at an integrated western/Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital. The teaching faculty were brilliant and gave hours of their time to help increase my learning and clinical practice. I was fortunate to work closely with a faculty member on publishing a research article during my internship in China. The clinical and cultural experience added so much depth to my work as an acupuncturist.

I currently own and operate a large private acupuncture practice, Fairfield Acupuncture, near Lancaster, Ohio. I have full-time staff and have recently secured new space because of our growth, and the community need for acupuncture. Fairfield Acupuncture specializes in chronic conditions—chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and emotional health.

AIAM provided a strong foundation for my clinical practice. The staff and faculty always encouraged learning and growth.

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