Shirley Chevry-Jules received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine School of Nursing in Columbus Ohio. She now travels the world as a Registered Nurse.

Shirley Chevry-Jules


If you are anything like me, you have wanted to be a travel nurse since before you even got into nursing school. You may have also heard some dreadful stories and shared misconceptions that go along with travel nursing careers. This may have made you think twice about whether or not you are up for the undertaking. Many of these reservations and fallacies are mostly rooted in the unknown.

I started traveling with an Associate’s Degree and just recently completed my bachelors. Currently I travel as a medsurg/telenurse. I have worked in every medsurg department there is from neurological to orthopedic medsurg. I have also had the opportunity to work in the emergency department and the ICU. I have worked all over Ohio, New York and Minnesota. I really like learning about the differences in how hospitals are run. The money is good, but diversity of experience is great! I like meeting new people and not having to get into the politics of the work place. I get in, do my work and get out. If it’s a bad assignment…I don’t have to stay long enough to get involved. If it’s a great experience, I renew my assignment—it’s that easy! I also get to visit relatives and friends in the cities where I’m assigned. Last year my family and I spent the summer in New York City. Next summer we are planning to go to California. It’s like working and having a vacation at the same time.

Like with any vocation, travel nursing has its benefits and downfalls. If you are bored with the same everyday schedules and are looking for something a little more challenging and thrilling, then travel nursing may be right for you. I know I love it!!!

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