Rebecca Brady Messina, LMT

Owner, Women’s Wellness through Therapeutic Massage

Licensed Massage Therapist and Alumni of the American Institute of Alternative Medicine School of Massage Therapy standing in front her business, Women's Wellness Through Therapeutic Massage.

My name is Rebecca Messina, LMT, and this is my journey. We are so unavoidably defined by our chosen careers. “What do you do?” is the most likely question after hearing one’s name, as it says so much about who you are. AIAM was the beginning of redefining myself and finding my passion in life. Graduation and passing the state boards boosted my confidence to a new level. Now that I’m working as a therapist, I am truly defined by what I do.

Shortly after passing the state boards, I accepted a position with Massage Envy in Powell, Ohio. This was a great experience as I learned to manage my time wisely and build the strength in my hands and arms, It also provided an opportunity for feedback from the clients. Further solidifying my choice to work in this field, the reviews were positive and complimentary. My passion for this job was growing stronger every day and I knew I was fulfilling my destiny.

After a year with Envy, I was offered another position with a chiropractic office in Grove City, Ohio. Again, the experience was great if not invaluable. I learned how complimentary massage and chiropractic care really are. Working closely with Dr. Heaton opened up new levels of understanding in helping our patients find wellness and healing. Dr. Heaton believes in therapeutic massage and relied heavily on my training and experience to provide continued care and treatments for our patients. Patients who sought more relaxation and stress relief, these patients had specific needs from injuries related to car accidents, falls, sports, and more. All requiring techniques in stretching, deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point therapy. My time at the doctor’s office as leading me closer to a greater understanding of where I am truly called to be. After two years with Heaton, I am answering that call be stepping out on my own.

I named the company “Women’s Wellness through Therapeutic Massage”. This was birthed from my personal experiences as a woman and from a passion for understanding the complexity and needs of the female anatomy. Although my practice is not exclusively women, it provides a focus on the specific needs that are often unique to women. I am still accepting new clients and growing more every day.

Many thanks to AIAM for teaching me the skills and attitude necessary for my success as a Licensed Massage Therapist.