Cynthia (Cindy) Oberdier is a Richwood, Ohio native just finished up her last quarter in AIAM’s Western Massage Therapy Program.

Cindy worked two jobs on top of attending school full-time. She works as a patient care technician (STNA), recently switching from the 10pm-6am shift to a 6am-2pm shift to better fit her school schedule. She went to work then immediately headed to AIAM for class. She also used her day off (Saturday) from work to attend a full day of School of Massage Therapy class.

“It’s rough sometimes, I’m glad I changed my work shifts so I do not have to attend class after being up all night anymore. I love my classes though, and I love massage, so it’s worth it.”

Cindy found AIAM through her daughter, who first contacted the school, but decided to change her plans.

“AIAM kept calling my daughter, but when she decided she was not interested, I said hey, wait a minute, that sounds perfect for me! Massage is something I can do myself. I can control my own schedule, clients and business practices. After 7 years I lost my job, that’s not like me, I am always working. As a massage therapist I have the ability to be self-employed, and I won’t have to worry about job insecurity anymore.”/em>

On top of two jobs and class work, Cindy recently lost her father, a Vietnam Veteran. Despite this unexpected hardship she has managed to collect herself and IMG_0222push on, excelling in her classes and keeping a positive attitude every day.

The class Cindy looked forward to most during her week was anatomy with AIAM Instructor, Jayne Culloo.

“Any class with Jayne is the best. She is so sweet and helpful. Every single instructor goes out of their way to help us here. They are always willing to go the extra mile in class or out of class, to make sure we understand the material.”

Cindy’s advice to current and future students is simple: just be present in class.

“Don’t cram, look over things each day, it will make learning the material easier. You have to figure out your priorities, and school should be at the top of the list, for sure.”

While working as a student-intern in the AIAM clinic Cindy helped many clients and received rave reviews. She put her all in to making sure her clients were relaxed, comfortable and got the relief they came to AIAM for.

Cindy is already a certified Holistic Coach; she practices and teaches laughter yoga and Reiki.  She plans to pair her massage therapy degree with her other skills in holistic well-being and recently opened her own practice in Delaware, Ohio- Country Oasis Holistic Health.

“AIAM has provided a wonderful atmosphere. It’s so easy to learn here- you will end up feeling like you know more than you need! I know so much about anatomy now that my co-workers think I’m a nurse. I learned more at AIAM than I did when I was in nursing school. I never want to be separated from this place; I want to stay involved with what AIAM is doing!”

Cindy has officially graduated from AIAMs WMT program; we are looking forward to hearing about her bright future in holistic health!


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