Your Massage Massage Therapy career starts here.

Become a licensed massage therapist at one of the longest running and most respected massage programs in Ohio.

What are my next steps?


Take a virtual or in person tour of campus and meet with an admissions representative. You will quickly see why AIAM is recommended by our graduates.


Complete your application and show us you’ve earned a high school degree or equivalent. As soon as your application is approved you’ll meet with our Financial Aid office to set up payment options.


After nine months you’ll graduate and be eligible to take the MBLEx National exam to become a Licensed Massage Therapist.


Longest Running Program in Central Ohio

AIAM has been teaching holistic skills in Massage Therapy since 1994 and is the longest running program of its kind in Central Ohio. In fact, massage therapy employers seek out AIAM graduates specifically for their skills and professionalism.

Master Advanced Massage Therapy

Our students are in high demand by employers after graduation because you’ll be studying advanced massage therapy methods and working with real patients in our on-site clinic. Our program will also introduce you to special techniques like cranio-sacral, relfexology and myofasical massage therapies.

You Come First

We see you no matter where you are and take you where you need to be so you can realize your true purpose and discover the power of healing. Smaller class sizes mean you can master the art of massage therapy while receiving ample one-on-one time with instructors.

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