“I am proud to be an AIAM Alumni.  I have traveled a long journey to get to where I am today.  I have always been interested in the medical field.  When I graduated from high school I went to Bryman School of Nursing’s Medical Assistant Program in Atlanta Georgia.  You never know what life is going to bring you but it kind of got in the way and I did not finish the program.  My daughter and I moved back to my hometown in Fairmont, West Virginia approximately 4 years later.  I attended school for STNA training and after my first week as an STNA I knew that wasn’t for me.

I was a little late starting my nursing career.  I got my LPN training from Columbus Adult Community Education at age 39 in 2009 and was immediately licensed.  I started working with Advanced Home Care, Inc. in August of 2009.  The company had been started in 1994 by 5 nurses.  When I started working for them, there was only 1 nurse/owner still running the company and she was getting up in age and retired 3 years ago.  I ran the company until my husband and I were able to purchase it in November 2014. 

When I took over running the company I faced a lot of hardships and challenges finding good RN’s.  You cannot submit Oasis or plans of care to the state unless you are an RN.   This resulted in me having to depend on someone to do something that I could not do.   After much deliberation, in March of 2014, I came to AIAM to start the Registered Nurse Program. That was the best thing that I could have done for me and my company!!

I learned a lot and had some great experiences along the way.   Thank you again AIAM!  You helped me reach the goals that I had set for myself and although it was not an easy road with running a company, family, and school, I was able to complete that goal.  If can do it at my age while juggling all of these things, you can too.   Just be committed, stay focused and you can reach your goals.” 

Judie attended AIAM’s RN-AP: Registered Nursing Program and received her -Associate of Applied Science Degree  7/2015


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