Jason McFann is a studying to be a Massage Therapist at the AIAM Columbus Ohio School of Massage Therapy

Jason McFann

Western Massage Therapy Student at AIAM

When Jason McFann is not studying at AIAM to be a Massage Therapist he is a Patient Care Assistant at the James Cancer Hospital. His dream is to expand the massage program at the James.

Jason is in his fourth quarter at AIAM and will be completing his massage clinic hours soon. He listens to his clients and tries to give them the kind of massage they need. We want our students to buy into the idea of looking at clinic as their business and their clients. Jason’s work with one client in particular exemplifies this. He has developed a protocol for working with a particular client that is wheelchair bound due to a stroke. Although the client wants deep pressure Jason uses a safer approach of stretching techniques with massage which has brought significant change to the client’s range of motion to his affected side. The client is so pleased with his recent results that he is telling others about the great work our students in the massage and acupuncture programs are doing. Since Jason is graduating soon, he is now teaching his protocol to other students because he cares about the client’s continued improvement. Jason is changing the life of a client, and we could not be more proud of his hard work and caring attitude!

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