Brittany Short is a licensed massage therapist and student at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine School of Acupuncture in Columbus, Ohio.

Brittany Short, LMT

AIAM School of Acupuncture Student Spotlight

My introduction to massage happened earlier in life than normal. I remember being 5 years old when my grandma, a massage therapist, told me all about her job. She spoke with passion and I was always eager to listen to her stories. Not too long after, she taught me how to rub her neck and shoulders and complimented my “strong hands”. You could say I didn’t choose the massage life‐ the massage life chose me.

I’m incredibly thankful I found AIAM and chose the Western Massage Program. My warm and supportive teachers guided me towards success and it’s because of this school I’ma licensed and working massage therapist as well as a student of AIAM’s acupuncture program. I found acupuncture as a massage student and I fell in love with the idea of helping people with both perspectives of healing. I’ll be treating patients at the school’s clinic starting July, just after our class gets back from the China Study Tour.

My first and only massage job has been working part time at the Woodhouse Day Spa in Dublin, Ohio. I’m learning a lot in my limited time there and they’ve shown me such patience with working around my demanding school schedule and I just couldn’t be more thankful. I see myself staying there for quite some time until I’ve graduated acupuncture and I’m ready to move on and create my own place of wellness.

My ultimate dream is to someday run my own business, perhaps out of my own home, and integrate massage, acupuncture, and reiki to help people truly heal. I have a special interest in helping those who struggle with addictions, PTSD, emotional issues, eating disorders, and physical/emotional abuse. Until then, I’m flirting with the idea of doing some traveling and working on a cruise line or joining an organization that travels and helps people in need.