Alumna Anya Syrkin, Owner/Licensed Acupuncturist at Columbus Acupuncture Clinic


Life after AIAM has been truly full. I have an Acupuncture practice in Clintonville. It consists of four treatment rooms. In my practice I utilize Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxa and Nutritional counseling from Western and Eastern perspective. Getting my Acupuncture training at AIAM was just the beginning.

Since then I have finished a two year Chinese Herbal Certification Program at Maryland University of Integrative Health. Even though it was a major commute to Maryland it was really worth it. The program incorporated many things that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. It looked at Chinese herbal medicine from a pre-Mao time, incorporating 5 element information. We had guest lecturers from all over the USA. Just to give a few names Jeffrey Yuen, Heiner Fruehauf, Andy Ellis and many, many more. These are the people who have made major impact on Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in this country.

In November of last year I started a two year certification course in NYC with Mazin Al-Kafaji.  For those of you reading this, if that name sounds familiar it is because he is the co-author of “Manual of Acupuncture”. For most of us we just say Deadmen and forget the other name on it. The course is designed to help you really understand dermatologic pathology and to learn how to treat and resolve it with Chinese herbs. Mazin offers complete resolution to people who have suffered for years and have not been able to get any relief or improvement. These are such skin issues as eczema, psoriasis and many more. We all know that western medicine has no help other than antibiotics and prednisone.

This March I am going on the Humanitarian Mission to Israel and the West Bank with Acupuncturist without borders. This mission includes trauma training and we will get to utilize our skills immediately while working with Israeli soldiers, Holocaust survivors and west bank Palestinians. Part of the program is also  understanding an age long conflict that exists in that area and learning some conflict resolution techniques.

My goals for this year are to become more politically involved in the grass roots organizations that promote and further democratic causes in our country; to continue teaching alternative medicine courses at Columbus State Community College where I have been for the last 8 years; and, teaching about herbs, nutrition and healthy life style through Worthington Farmers Market outreach, my private practice, local health food stores and other venues around town.